Additional Ways to Secure Your Property: Garage Door Locks

Des Plaines, Illinois locals, and people throughout the country, are sometimes surprised when they are told that it is a good idea to have garage door locks installed at their property. Why the surprise? Generally speaking, locals think if they have a garage door opener, that it provides enough of a degree of protection that a lock simply is not needed. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and many people have garages that leave them prone to theft. A lock might not be absolutely required if you have an electric opener, but some garage doors, such as ones made by Amarr, for instance, might be sold with an opener as a standard, and having a lock installed by a professional is recommended. But even with an electric opener, one could still benefit from other forms of security for their garage. Here, you will see why this is the case. Des Plaines, IL locksmiths and lock and security providers throughout the country have come up with a list of things to consider. Everything is summed up below, so have a look. At the very least, you might get some ideas on ways to keep your property better protected than ever before.



Deadbolts Installation

Garage Doors Are Often Targets for Break-Ins

Think about it – if someone is driving by with a truck or van and sees that your garage door is open, they can easily grab things out of the garage, throw them into their truck and take off. The garage is such a simple way to get into one’s property, and beyond that, it provides a form of shelter for a criminal once they are inside.

Having a garage door lock or deadbolt installed will not only add an extra layer of protection to your property, but it will serve as a reminder to you that you need to lock things up. It is easy to forget to shut your garage door. But if you have a deadbolt that you think about every time you leave, it will make it easier to remember to lock things up. A deadbolt could go in between your house and your garage. If you have a garage door that opens up to a door that opens up to your home, it is a good idea to have a peephole installed on this door, too. This way, if someone happens to come in through the garage, you don’t have to put yourself in danger by opening a door to see who it is. This door should be treated the same as your front door – it should be sturdy, protected and safe. A Des Plaines locksmith will be able to assist when it comes to lock installation. No matter where you are in the country, you should speak with a local lock and security provider to determine which solutions your property might benefit from.


Techniques Criminals Use

A good test to see how secure your garage is to put yourself in a criminal’s shoes. If you were going to try to break into your own property, how would you do it? For instance, if your garage door uses a keypad, you might try to remove the battery from it to see how easily your garage door could be manipulated. If you are able to manipulate the keypad, then you know that you need an extra layer of security. Would you try to just physically lift open the garage door, and if you can do it, do you have deadbolts on the door in the garage that leads straight into your home? A locksmith in Des Plaines will put themselves in a criminal’s shoes, and therefore come up with better ways to protect your property. It is a good idea to speak with a professional because they will be able to come over and do an inspection to see where security is lacking throughout your property. You just might be surprised at what they discover. Someone who has done the job time and time again will know right off the bat what to look for – a broken keypad, a door without locks, etc. They will be able to point out things that you otherwise might not have been paying attention to.

The garage door makes up sometimes 40% of your home’s exterior. This number alone should be enough to make you consider the importance of locking it up. It is still another entry way into your home. Even if you have a commercial property, the garage likely makes up a decent portion of said property – it needs to be treated as a way to gain access to the building or property.


What You Need To Know About Openers

The latest and greatest technology in the world of garage doors – including newer electric openers – brings many benefits to your garage door. Often, these openers will be used as a lock, as it would be very difficult for a criminal to life open your garage door from the outside. However, with older openers, someone could lift the door from the outside. This is something you can check for yourself, or bring in a local locksmith. You have to be careful with the type of lock you opt to have installed if your garage door has an opener because the door could become damaged if the opener pulls against the pressure of the lock. This is definitely something to talk with a professional lock and security provider about, as they will be able to point you in the right direction, whether you have a new opener or old one.

Remember to protect every part of your property no matter where you are located. Even in a great place like Des Plaines, Illinois, garage door locks are still a good idea to have. Lock up what is yours so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.


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