Keyless Entry System Benefits

Transponder Keys
Transponder Keys

Des Plaines Locksmith offers tons of free advice to locals so that they can better protect their property. The fact that a business wants to share knowledge with customers (totally free of charge) to help them stay protected is truly fantastic, and it would be a wonderful world if all businesses operated with this level of concern towards others. The good thing is, there are companies that do care, and experts who are willing to share information to help us all. Here, keyless entry systems and their importance will be discussed. This information isn’t only beneficial to those in Des Plaines, IL but to persons all over the world. Of course, another option is to get in touch with a lock and security expert if you have any questions at all and would prefer to speak directly with a professional.

What exactly is a keyless entry system?

Let’s start with the basics. A keyless entry system acts as a way for people (who are allowed access) to get into a property with the simple push of a button or multiple buttons. Generally speaking, one might have to press a series of numbers in order to enter a property. A building will have an electronic lock on a door that is able to control access to a property. Keyless entry systems can also be found on vehicles, so they aren’t just for commercial buildings. Homeowners sometimes use them as well, which saves them from having to fidget with a key to open their front door when they get home. It also saves them from having to bother with keeping a spare key on them. Sure, some people give their neighbors a copy of their spare key, but if you trust a person that much, you can just share your code with them. If you use a keyless entry system, you will be able to know when someone is trying to get into your property, too. You wouldn’t be able to obtain this knowledge with a simple key. If you ever find out that someone is repetitively trying to get into your property, you can have a camera installed or have it set up so that the authorities are alerted to the attempted access.

If there is a part of your property that needs to be secured, keyless entry is one great way to do it. A person might opt to have a keyless entry system installed at the part of their property that houses items like a safe, or that holds important, expensive items. Maybe you have a little bit of fear of customers being able to get their hands on high-end items or jewelry in your store, or perhaps you want to prevent certain employees from accessing certain parts of your property. Maybe you want to give certain employees a break from having to carry around a lot of different keys. Often times, custodial workers find themselves lugging around heavy key chains, which might not seem like much, but when they have tons of other items to carry around, one less thing can make a big difference to their comfort and to how quickly they are able to move. Keyless entry saves a lot of trouble and provides a great deal of convenience to those who use it.

Things to think about if you use keyless door locks

As briefly mentioned, keyless entry systems can alert the police if the wrong code is entered repetitively. This is a huge benefit, especially for homeowners and commercial property owners. Maybe you otherwise wouldn’t know that someone was attempting to break into your store in the middle of the night. Or perhaps you are away on vacation, and having a keyless lock system just alerted authorities for you that someone kept entering the wrong code. A would-be burglar could get caught red-handed. On that same note, it is a good idea to change the code every so often, so that a person wouldn’t be able to figure it out if you don’t want someone else to have access to your property. This is especially important for persons who own buildings that house a lot of money, as you just might have someone who has been watching to try to figure out your code. Just like you change your e-mail passwords every so often, it is a wise idea to switch up keyless codes.

Many of these systems also come with battery backups so that if you have a power failure, you don’t have to worry about being locked out. This is one point of concern that people tend to bring up to locksmiths, but Des Plaines Locksmith makes it a point to assure customers that they will be protected so long as they have a battery backup. It seems that you really can’t go wrong if you have this type of system in place, and if you have it installed by an expert.

Call a locksmith!

Just keep in mind that keyless entry installation is not a do it yourself type of job that a beginner could tackle. It is something that needs to be done correctly, and so it should be done by an expert. The wiring and parts involved can get very confusing, if not relatively dangerous as well. It is a great idea to get in touch with a lock and security professional, like Des Plaines Locksmith if you are in Des Plaines, Illinois or in the area. A fast Google search will reveal a locksmith expert in your town or city, so consider checking them out and what they have to offer. There are plenty of convenient solutions which are available for property protection, whether you have a vehicle, commercial building or a house that needs better security features. Keyless entry systems are just one such way to keep your belongings and buildings secure. Check out what is available and remember to keep safety at the front of your mind!


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